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Acoustic Control and Sound Masking

Acoustics has become a critical issue to the productivity, privacy and comfort of employees. In corporate environments sound masking has become a key component that addresses the speech privacy needs of employees in the open plan and in private offices.

Increasing privacy and productivity with sound masking reduces distractions and creates several positive effects such as improved efficiency, reduced stress, and more comfortable spaces in which to work. This is good news for all companies that must balance the need to concentrate, collaborate and communicate in the same working environment.

NetCom’s Systems Group will engineer, design and install a sound masking system that treats the entire environment with the introduction of a subtle, uniform background sound that masks speech and provides acoustical comfort, control and sound quality.

Guarantee - We Stand Behind Our Work

In addition to the manufacturer's factory warranty, NetCom, Inc., guarantees the workmanship of the installations 100%. Rick Baker, President of NetCom, Inc., says, "NetCom's reputation is my reputation and I am committed to your complete satisfaction."