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Data Center Cabling Installation & Maintenance

NetCom, Inc. has perfected installation and management of cabling in a simple, systematic and replicable manner. NetCom, Inc. ensures that the Data Center cabling installation will be quick and easy, fully organized and accurate in its outcomes. In addition, the cabling will conform to the conditions of equipment supplier warranties. A well-managed installation process will be conducted by specialist IBEW technicians who are aware of the physical limitations of cabling such as bend stress and who will avoid over bundling or crushing cables as well as being fully updated on local space, access and air flow requirements. The installation process will also account for future cabling installations and avoid installation of cables in hot areas or close to power cabling.

NetCom, Inc. ensures that all testing is conducted by an authorized specialist and in accordance with guidelines and field test procedures as issued by the manufacturer. To achieve best practice in testing:

  • NetCom, Inc. only uses test equipment that has valid annual calibration certification
  • We make sure that the correct test leads are used, again following the manufacturer recommendation
  • We calibrate the tester as required during the testing phase and ensure that the firmware and software databases are updated
  • We verify the correct testing method and ensure that the tester can accurately diagnose ‘pass’ from ‘fail’
  • We use Light Source Power Meter (LPSM) and as required the Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) for fiber links

The correct testing process can then be used to apply for a system warranty from the manufacturer.

  • NetCom, Inc. will ensure that all work done is fully documented. This will record all additions or changes made to cabling and networks in the data center. While the documentation will be supplied by NetCom, Inc. it needs to be ‘owned’ and updated by data center staff.

Guarantee - We Stand Behind Our Work

In addition to the manufacturer's factory warranty, NetCom, Inc., guarantees the workmanship of the installations 100%. Rick Baker, President of NetCom, Inc., says, "NetCom's reputation is my reputation and I am committed to your complete satisfaction."