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Industrial Plant Floor Cabling

There is a big difference between installing Ethernet in an office environment where cables, hardware, and connectivity components are sheltered and protected, and installing them on the manufacturing floor. In industrial sites, network components may be exposed to temperature extremes, ultraviolet light, moisture, oil, chemicals, and other contaminants—all of which can degrade the components’ physical integrity and performance, resulting in intermittent outages or even total system shutdown.

Normal plant activities may also pose risk to network components. For example, there may be constant machine movement and vibration, forklifts, and other mechanized vehicles traversing the work floor. These can damage sensitive electronics, and even the best Ethernet systems are not made to withstand such harsh and hazardous conditions.

As experts in industrial automation and control cabling installation, NetCom has the communications expertise to connect your plant floor to your front office seamlessly.  

Guarantee - We Stand Behind Our Work

In addition to the manufacturer's factory warranty, NetCom, Inc., guarantees the workmanship of the installations 100%. Rick Baker, President of NetCom, Inc., says, "NetCom's reputation is my reputation and I am committed to your complete satisfaction."