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Fiber Optic Cabling (ISP & OSP)

Fiber optic cable gives you more security, bandwidth and speed than any other infrastructure material. Although it is not a fragile medium, optical-fiber cable must be carefully and expertly installed to realize its full potential.

At NetCom, Inc., we have the capability and expertise to provide fiber services for inside and outside applications. Whatever your fiber project, 24 count fiber running into a single location or a multiple entry application with thousands of terminations like a data center, we’ll make sure everything comes together as planned. We utilize industry recognized methods and procedures for our clients cabling needs. We service and install both single-mode and multi-mode systems. Our fiber optic work is installed in accordance with national standards and specifications and will be certified using the most current test equipment available in the market. 

NetCom, Inc.’s certified installers have the knowledge, training, experience, and attention to detail required to create high quality fiber optic networks that take full advantage of the current and future capabilities of fiber.

NetCom, Inc. is certified as one of Corning’s Network of Preferred Installers. If your fiber optic network is supplied, terminated and tested by NetCom, Inc., and uses all Corning certified components, your facility will receive a Corning Cable Systems 25-Year Solutions Warranty. This will ensure reliable lightning fast communication for decades to come.

Guarantee - We Stand Behind Our Work

In addition to the manufacturer's factory warranty, NetCom, Inc., guarantees the workmanship of the installations 100%. Rick Baker, President of NetCom, Inc., says, "NetCom's reputation is my reputation and I am committed to your complete satisfaction."