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Auditorium Audio-Video Technology

Whether for a school, business, or entertainment venue, today’s auditorium is a complex space that demands high functionality and flexibility. The technology must be able to accommodate live performance, panel discussions and recorded or streamed presentations.

The technology in the auditorium shall enable an organization to:

  • Share content using various devices
  • Present from anywhere in the space
  • Adjust the AV technology using a tablet or mobile device
  • Stream the event live to other locations and remote participants
  • Record events for later viewing by employees unable to attend
  • Display event info and corporate communications outside the space
  • Monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot the equipment from a central help desk

We design AV and sound systems that complement and support the performance. Our Pro-AV products can enhance these spaces better than ever creating an exceptional experience for both performer and audience member.

Guarantee - We Stand Behind Our Work

In addition to the manufacturer's factory warranty, NetCom, Inc., guarantees the workmanship of the installations 100%. Rick Baker, President of NetCom, Inc., says, "NetCom's reputation is my reputation and I am committed to your complete satisfaction."